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Open Activation is a digital innovation method that helps mature businesses to successfully embrace and disrupt digital like technology startups.

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WHAT IS logo open activation

is a framework with a set of tools to grow businesses and brands in an age of global connectivity and digital disruption.

In a world where digital technology is decentralising almost every aspect of the brand, the impact on behaviour and business will be profound. A billion dollar market is up for grabs, yet this new found land is dominated by tech giants and digital startups.

Open Activation believes that mature businesses have all the assets to create digital innovation –  a brand with a rich history, a large number of diverse stakeholders, several products or services, properties and financial resources.  What is missing is a vision and structure for leadership to benchmark and transform these assets into innovations.

WHAT Open Activation logo DOES

Open Activation helps businesses to get a grip over their current and future digital activities.
Our innovation process goes through three stages:


How is your business doing in digital innovation? What are your opportunities? Benchmark yourself with your competition and find your strongest assets and growth potential.


Turn your business into a movement. The key to digital success is an inspiring vision and purpose. Then a long-term digital innovation strategy helps to focus and grow.


Ideate, benchmark and develop disruptive  innovations. Our process focusses on stakeholder activation to develop new revenue streams that #monetizeaction.

WHY IS Open Activation logo RELEVANT

Open Activation responds to the following challenges companies are facing.

Disengagement costs millions.

The weakness of almost every enterprise is that stakeholders have never been allowed to engage because of a focus on efficiency and control.

Digital economy is booming.

Although it is now mostly the startups and “digital first” compa- nies that are capitalising on the opportunities of digital, it’s not yet too late to claim your stake.

Startups are passing by.

Digital is disrupting existing markets and creating entirely new ones. Will you hold on to an ageing business model or will you open up to a viable future?

HOW Open Activation logo WORKS

Enterprises possess all the strengths needed to successfully embrace digital technology;
they only need to know how to overcome the hurdles.


Connect the elements you have. Diversity and mutual connectivity are the most important ingredients for action and innovation.


Use the available digital tools and continue to innovate with digital technology with the ambition to create self-sustaining action.


Let your brand be an ongoing source of inspiration, with a common shared vision or ideology that fulfils a real need and goes beyond profit.



How to evolve from enterprise to startup? Download a further introduction to Open Activation with 7 of the many key findings that consolidate the vision of Open Activation and its three principles; Connect, Activate, and Purpose (CAP).

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“I’m working towards an enterprise that can sustain itself with minimal dominance and force. With inspiring leaders who facilitate and motivate, not only manage and control. A business that measures success based on the benefit for all people and not just shareholder value and profit. An organisation where people engage intuitively and not because they have to. A company where every single stakeholder has the freedom and autonomy to be active and create. This mission is called Open Activation and its purpose is to build brands by making people matter.”


Open Activation has been developed by Max Kreijn over five years while working for renowned brands both as an independent consultant and with leading international digital consultancies in Amsterdam and London.

Max Kreijn has always been fascinated about building brands through the people around them. In 2005 he channeled this interest into his progressive thesis “Brand without a Product” from Zuyd University in The Netherlands. In his thesis he successfully built a brand in reverse by putting customers in charge from the start, with the products following as a natural next step.

With this knowledge he worked as a junior strategic planner for the likes of IKEA, Dove and Coca-Cola in the Netherlands where he began to identify many missed opportunities. To consolidate his thinking he embarked on an overland journey from New Zealand to Europe while working on crowdsourced assignments

for major brands. He identified where brands can improve and more importantly how they should do so.

The journey led him to London, where he entered the London School of Marketing and worked as an independent consultant, joining the award winning Social@Ogilvy team at Ogilvy & Mather in 2011. After successfully applying his approach to various global clients he felt it was time to exclusively focus on researching, refining and distributing the method for everyone to use. The result is Open Activation.

Max Kreijn is a digital strategy

consultant and continuously working

to build out the method and spread

the word of Open Activation.



Open Activation is a digital innovation methodology that helps mature businesses and startups to accelerate growth in the digital arena. It is a framework with a clear set of tools that provides a structure for businesses to grow through digital innovations and improvements on the levels of brand, product and communications.

To capitalise on your digital potential our journey goes through three phases: We analyse your assets and current status of your activities in the digital domain. From these findings we develop a long-term digital innovation strategy. With this strategy we ideate, benchmark and develop disruptive digital innovation.

Our core belief is that the ingredients to innovate already exist within your business. Therefore we work closely together with your people and existing plans. We build forward and increase the speed and effectivity of your growth into the digital domain. Definitely get in touch for more information.


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